Debug a Website in iOS Safari on Windows

Have you ever needed to debug a website (especially JavaScript) in Safari on an iOS device but didn’t have a Mac handy? I ran into this problem today, and after hours of trying other ways to debug, I finally discovered a pretty easy way to load up a debug interface on my Windows 10 machine that displayed debug info about a website in Safari on an iPad Mini.

Weird &#65279 Character in HTML

I was recently working on a simple HTML project and created the basic HTML files in Visual Studio 2015. Nothing crazy. But when I ran the project in Chrome, there was some extra space at the top of the page that wasn’t coming from CSS. After inspecting the HTML in Developer Tools, I noticed a strange  character appearing in the HTML.

Upload File from Remote URL

Did you know you can easily upload a file from a remote URL? On Windows, when an upload dialog appears in your browser, you will see a File name field. The surprising thing is that you can paste a URL into that field, and your browser will automatically download the file, then upload it! Saves you from having to download a file, just so you can upload it.

Fonts in Chrome Suddenly Look Amazing

Oh man, has this been a long time coming! If you are a web developer, then the issue with web fonts in Chrome will probably not be a surprise to you. If you are not a web developer, you probably didn’t notice and have no idea what I’m referencing. With the release of Chrome 37, Google finally introduced DirectWrite support for Windows!