Liberty HealthShare is increasing Share Amounts for the first time in five years. Is it still affordable?

Liberty HealthShare Increasing Share Amounts

If you’ve been following my posts, you know I’ve been blogging about my experience with Liberty HealthShare (LHS) since we joined in November 2016. See the bottom of this post for the other articles I’ve written about our experiences. I recently received an email from LHS announcing that Share Amounts are increasing as of September 1, 2018. While this stinks, they did point out that they haven’t increased Share Amounts in the five years since the company began. That’s impressive, but also probably means the increases are well overdue. We’ve had occasional problems with their internal operations (bills being misprocessed, reps giving wrong information, etc.), so I think they grew too quickly and suffered from a lack of manpower and training. It’s been taking between 60-90 days for our bills to process recently, so I think they’re just behind. One would hope this infusion of cash will bring much needed improvements in LHS’ operations! Thankfully, for us, the occasional problems have been the exception, not the rule, so we are still very blessed to be with LHS.

2017 Liberty HealthShare Review, Part 1

I recently played the oh-so-fun game of “how much more money am I going to spend on health insurance this year” and came out thinking that there has got to be another way. I’m tired of throwing so much money at premiums and still have to pay insane deductibles and out of pocket maximums. Lo and behold, there are other options!