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Liberty HealthShare Review for 2018

Interested in Liberty HealthShare in 2018? I have been a member since October 2016 and have been blogging about my experiences, both great and not so great.


Liberty HealthShare (LHS) has simply been wonderful for my family. We began our experience with LHS in October 2016, including myself, my wife, and two kids. Within a month of joining LHS, we discovered my wife was pregnant! I wrote an entire post about handling a pregnancy while using Liberty, so check that out too! Overall, our experience has been great, with some occasional issues here and there, but nothing we haven’t gotten worked out.

I’m going to use this post in 2018 to answer some questions I expect are common for those considering joining LHS. Please let me know in the comments below if you have any other questions I can help with!


What have been your costs since you joined?

We have paid $7,233 to LHS since we joined on October 1, 2016. That includes all monthly charges, administrative costs, and the application fee. LHS charges around $75 per year for an administrative fee, which is charged on your yearly anniversary.

Here is a detailed breakdown of our costs from 2016 to 2018:

A breakdown of our costs for Liberty HealthShare from 2016 to 2018

When we first joined, I was placed in the HealthTrac program due to a concern in my health history. This was in spite of a letter from my doctor stating he was not concerned about the issue. I was frustrated, but I understood that it protects Liberty and their members to ensure all members are not acutely ill or living an unhealthy lifestyle. That’s what the HealthTrac program is for. They require anyone in that program to participate for at least three months. I did so and graduated immediately with no problems.

While in the HealthTrac program, our monthly cost was $479 per month for myself, my wife, and our two kids.

After graduating the HealthTrac program, our monthly cost dropped to $399 per month.

Our daughter was born during the summer of 2017, and as you can see, our monthly cost stayed at $399 per month! That’s wonderful!

Has LHS covered all expenses you submitted?

Yes! We met our annual unshared amount (AUA) of $1,500 early in 2017 because of all the OB/GYN costs related to our baby, and afterward, LHS covered all eligible expenses we submitted! By the time of our baby’s birth, LHS had already covered more than what we had paid in up to that point, but they still covered all the expenses. This included costs related to OB/GYN visits, pediatric visits for sickness or infection, dermatologist check-ups, and urgent care visits.

Have there been any frustrations with LHS?

No longer being able to pay a ton of money to a greedy health insurance company or the government! But seriously, the worst part of being with a health care sharing ministry (not just LHS, but any of them) is the paperwork. At first, we had to submit paperwork from all our individual visits to LHS, one at a time. The statement had to be a detailed billing statement, with the medical codes and exact dollar amounts, and I had to include the receipt. It was difficult to keep track of.

I have also had some issues with LHS’s customer service reps. Once, they lost record of a phone call I had with them and had to re-explain everything to another rep. Another time, they told me to call back later and an issue should be resolved, but come to find out, the issue would never have resolved itself on its own. One rep said I didn’t need to let them know my wife was pregnant, but the Sharing Guidelines said I did need to. It was never anything major, but that lack of training or laziness happened enough that I sometimes called twice to make sure I got the same answer from two different reps.

Lastly, LHS’s processing department has been taking up to 60 days to process expenses. I hate this for those with cash flow problems. If your provider doesn’t submit bills directly to Liberty, you have to be out the money for 60-90 days until Liberty processes the expense and sends you a reimbursement check. But read the tip below to avoid that problem.

What is the best LHS tip?

Find healthcare providers who will submit bills directly to Liberty!

In the summer of 2017, my wife mentioned to her Mercy OB/GYN’s office that they could bill our visits directly to Liberty like insurance. The lady said, “OK,” and from that point on, all our Mercy healthcare providers stopped making us pay anything at the time of the visit, and they submitted all bills and paperwork directly to LHS! We no longer handled any paperwork or were out any money at the time of the visit.

For instance, when my wife gave birth, we left the hospital without hearing a word about a bill. Within a couple months, the charges appeared in our LHS ShareBox that they repriced the charges (i.e. negotiated a discount) and sent a check to the Mercy provider. You’ll see something like this in your ShareBox:

Liberty HealthShare's ShareBox shows this when a health expense is processed

We literally never saw a bill, were out a cent, or had to transfer money around. LHS handled it all with Mercy!

Learn More about Liberty HealthShare

I’ve been blogging about my experience with Liberty HealthShare, so feel free to read my posts!


If the information I’ve provided here has been helpful to you, and you feel Liberty HealthShare could work for you and your family, please give me a shout, and I can provide you my member ID for when you sign up. Liberty offers a $100 gift card for referrals!


If you’ve got any questions or an experience of your own, let’s discuss in the comments below!